Crossing the Ogwen valley Sticky


The Ogwen Valley forms a 1-way system for fast jet traffic moving from the northern plain (Denbigh to Bala) to Anglesey and is regularly used in the week.

The usual crossing point for paragliders is near Zip World, which is exactly where the fast jets need to climb to 2500ft to establish comms regarding possible traffic in the Menai Straits.

The valley is also extensively used by our fling-wing brethren so there is normally quite a bit of traffic. It is not prohibited to fly there but the entire area forms part of the AIAA (Area of Intense Aerial Activity).

If you gather more than 5 paragliders and file a CANP, we will avoid the area of your launch but obviously cannot predict any xc route you may choose to follow thereafter.

Sites Update Sticky


Due to the loosening of restrictions in Wales and the opening of the National Park, we have opened up further sites. Please be aware that these sites have not been flown for a long while, therefore locals and landowners will not be used to seeing paragliders. Please consider this when going to these sits and be courteous at all times.

Some sites are still shut due to complications but we are working on these. Please ensure you check the site's status before flying.

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Foel Lus Re-opened Sticky


We have re-opened Foel Lus, to ensure that the site is not lost permanantly please could all pilots ensure that they do not land where they should not, the police have been contacted by local land owners and any further infringment of the area could very well lead to a prosecution and loss of the site.

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Please note Foel Lus has been temporarily closed.

On Monday the 20th of May the police were called because of three paragliders landing in fields that contained horses between Foel Lus and the beach. We have been advised by North Wales Police that any further incidents will be reported as criminal damage.

Foel Lus a sensitive site and to avoid any further escalation of the situation and to give some assurances to local land owners we are temporarily closing it.

 If anyone has any information regarding this incident please would they contact myself ([email protected]) or any other member of the committee.

We will post any updates here on the Face Book and on the website when we have them. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Snowdonia Sky Sports

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Sites information 13/05/18 Sticky

Please note changes in parking for Moel Wnion & do not drive up the track to drop gliders off or fly NW face in the summer.
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Sites information 24/03/18 Sticky


The Harlech Cliff takeoff has reopened! We have a limited number of takeoffs so please log your usage of the site by using the form on the site's entry in the site guide.

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Access to Arenig Fawr Sticky


Please contact one of the committee members if you are intending on flying Arenig and want to drive to the usual parking place.

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Steve Nash Red Bull X-Alps Talk Sticky


Many thanks to Steve for his fascinating talk about the 2015 Red Bull X-Alps. The talk was attended by many club members and their partners- all were enthralled to hear of Steve's exploits!

Those of you who were unable to attend might like to donate to the charity Steve and Richard have selected to receive the proceeds of their talks- Red Bull Wings for Life. This is a charity committed to funding cutting edge research into spinal cord injury, with a view to curing this dreadful affliction.


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Arenig Fawr Sticky

  • Please note that, due to the extremely sensitive nature of the access, Arenig Fawr is a members only site.
  • Please don't fly there if you're not a member & even if you are a member, please phone sites officer Gareth Aston on 07879477501 if you've not flown there recently.
  • In any event, only the westerly bowl is to be flown.
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Welcome Sticky

Welcome to the New Snowdonia Sky Sports website.

About The Club

We are a group of hang glider and now more predominantly paraglider pilots, who fly in North West Wales. We are a club for qualified flyers- if you want to learn try one of the BHPA schools such as the nearby Snowdon Gliders.

Formed as a club in 1990 by pioneering pilots such as John Silvester we have always been passionate about flying being free and open for all.

The area under Snowdonia Sky Sports stewardship ranges from Barmouth along the A496 to Dolgellau, via Bala on the A494 onto Druid where it meets the A5, from here it tracks WNW following the A5 to Betws y Coed, then North up the A470 to Conwy and includes all areas west including Anglesey and the Lleyn Peninsula.


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