This is a small mud-cliff, 20m or so high, providing interesting soaring when low cloud or high winds preclude flying on mountain sites. The cliff edge is soarable for several kilometres along the coast in moderate breezes. On a hang glider it is possible to jump back to the hills behind, from where a spectacular coastal run is possible to Nefyn and back. Watch out for rotor at the cliff edge.

Moel Wnion

This rounded grassy hill offers excellent soaring in NW & SW winds. Its NW face is about 1km long and 200m high. It is steep and grassy, with a good flattish top.

Pen yr Helgi Du (W)

A 2km long ridge, generally flat topped, leads South from the summit of Pen yr Helgi Du.

Station 4

Whilst not a soaring site in itself, Station 4 provides access to 'The Pump'.

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