Right to roam

The "right to roam" in Wales is currently the same as in England and does not allow access to open access land for the purposes of hang-gliding or paragliding.

The legislation is enacted by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and the section relevant to us is Schedule 2 on page 75:

1. Section 2(1) does not entitle a person to be on any land if, in or on that land, he—

(s) engages in any organised games, or in camping, hang-gliding or paragliding

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Gareth Aston
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Elidir Fach summit is a rounded, slightly rocky place. From here there is an almost 700m flydown to Llanberis, high over the top of the quarry holes. This is a good straightforward proposition on stable winter days and evenings. The quarry area is a massive thermal source - all that dark slate baking in the sun. Flying is serious stuff at this site - especially at the Garret take-off where launching and getting up and away is not to be undertaken lightly. There can be monster lift and corresponding sink and turbulence so watch out.

Many get confused by thinking that the Llanberis valley runs directly N to S. It doesnt- it runs NW to SE! For orientation, when at the Garret parking, Llanddwyn island is, as near as makes no difference, due W.

Getting to take-off: 

Find your way to the top of the 'Garret' road where there is parking for 4 or 5 cars (SH 594 614). Walk up the rest of the road into the quarry. Contour right, along a track to find a NW takeoff. This is ‘The Garret’ take-off. ‘The Garret’ car park is a SENSITIVE place. On no account block this area, or the road. It is used regularly by the local farmer who needs to turn a trailer at the parking area. Please be aware that there have been some instances of car break-ins here, do not leave anything valuable in your car, if you do have something then keep it out of sight. From Garret it is possible to pick your way up quarry tracks to the summit of Elidir Fach. Be careful in the Quarries!


Directly below the Garret take off is a flat area, which is a reclaimed and grassed quarry-hole. This is the 'Bus-Stop' landing field. It's pretty good but watch out for power lines. Alternatively if you're going all the way down to Llanberis, there is a large area of grassy fields on the edge of the village and lying by the lake. Land by the football pitch that lies amongst these fields (not the football pitch on the far side of the main road) - and then off to Pete's Eats in the village for a brew. There is nowhere to land between these two landing fields!!

  • Block the gate ways or Tracks.
  • Take off in the field directly above the Garret track.
  • Can have VERY strong thermals.
  • Rotors on both lower Garret take offs.
  • Both lower Garret take offs have room for one glider only.
  • If you are not proficient at very small takeoffs in rotor do not use either of these- the consequences could be bad ones!

This site tends to sea breeze from the N, at which point it becomes very turbulent, especially in front of the Garret takeoff & over the bus stop landing area (ie don't fly it!).