Right to roam

The "right to roam" in Wales is currently the same as in England and does not allow access to open access land for the purposes of hang-gliding or paragliding.

The legislation is enacted by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and the section relevant to us is Schedule 2 on page 75:

1. Section 2(1) does not entitle a person to be on any land if, in or on that land, he—

(s) engages in any organised games, or in camping, hang-gliding or paragliding

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Gareth Aston
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Elidir Fach summit is a rounded, slightly rocky place. From here there is a 700m flydown to Llanberis, high over the top of the quarry holes.

Getting to take-off: 

Heading south from Bangor on the B4547 take the left hand turn for Deiniolen, then first left up a steep hill, following the road as it turns sharp right beside a forestry plantation. Continue until the road terminates at a gate and parking area (SH 597 631) Please be aware that there have been some instances of car break-ins here, do not leave anything valuable in your car, if you do have something then keep it out of sight. Continue on foot up the tarmac road, taking the first right fork (after 1/2 mile). Keep going up, round the bends, until the road end by the surge pool.(another mile or so) You are now facing Llanberis to the SW. Scramble up the last 150m to find a suitable take-off on and around the summit.

A nice grassy SW slope can be found on the other side of the surge pool- follow the path that passes below the fence.

Alternatively, find your way to the top of the 'Garret' road where there is parking for 4 or 5 cars (SH 594 614). Walk up either through the quarry or across the field to meet the tarmac road and thence to the surge pool.


Directly below the Garret take off is a flat area, which is a reclaimed and grassed quarry-hole. This is the 'Bus-Stop' landing field. It's pretty good but watch out for power lines. Alternatively if you're going all the way down to Llanberis, there is a large area of grassy fields on the edge of the village and lying by the lake. Land by the football pitch that lies amongst these fields (not the football pitch on the far side of the main road) - and then off to Pete's Eats in the village for a brew. There is nowhere to land between these two landing fields!!

  • Block the gate ways or Tracks.
  • Take off in the field directly above the Garret track.
  • Can have VERY strong thermals.
  • Rotors on both lower Garret take offs.
  • Both lower Garret take offs have room for one glider only.
  • If you are not proficient at very small takeoffs in rotor do not use either of these the consequences could be bad ones!