Right to roam

The "right to roam" in Wales is currently the same as in England and does not allow access to open access land for the purposes of hang-gliding or paragliding.

The legislation is enacted by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and the section relevant to us is Schedule 2 on page 75:

1. Section 2(1) does not entitle a person to be on any land if, in or on that land, he—

(s) engages in any organised games, or in camping, hang-gliding or paragliding

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A series of hills and cliffs bisected by a narrow valley giving a large site of great, panoramic coastal soaring, with the option to make a few 'jumps' and do a touch of exploring. There are many recorded incidents of direct hits from Buzzard attacks!

Getting to take-off: 

Take the mountain road out of Llithfaen that leads towards Nant Gwrtheyrn. Park in the car park, by the trees, just before the road descends steeply. Walk down the road 'till a sharp right-hand bend where you're looking out to sea. Contour left from here and find a suitable take-off place amongst the heather and facing the sea. Alternatively walk along the track which parallels the power cables at the back of the bowl and take off from the grassy slope which faces NW. Give the power lines plenty of room!


Top land with great care. Normal landing on the beach but be extremely aware of the tidal state as there's no beach left at high tide. There is a cafe down there in the summer. Don't land right by the buildings.

  • Drive down the private road past the take off car park.
  • Land by the buildings at the bottom.
  • There is no beach at high tide so be aware.
  • There is no sea level route back from Trefor to Nant Gwrtheyrn.
  • Watch out for the power lines.
  • Can rotor on top landing.