Flying Snowdonia Sky Sports Sites

  • We welcome ALL visiting pilots but simply ask that they read our Sites Guide and act in a responsible manner towards our sites, treating them as if they were their own.
  • Much of the area we fly in is a National Park, however it is also in an area of IAA as RAF Valley fly regular sorties throughout it. The MATZ is in force 24/7. This means that any issues that arise through irresponsible flying could potentially have catastrophic consequences for the majority of if not all sites in the area.
  • If you find what you believe is a flying site not in the Sites Guide, great, all we ask is that you give us a bell, before you fly, in case there are access or airspace problems that we are aware of, as there may be a reason for it not being in the guide and we’ll let you know, Most sites will more than likely have been flown at some time or another and there will probably be a good reason why it is not used now.  Some sites are more sensitive than others but we try to keep them open to all. This will only continue to work if you treat our landowners, locals and your fellow pilots with respect.

If you want any advice don’t hesitate to contact us, contact numbers are on the web site.

The current sites officer is Gareth who can be contacted on 07879 477501.


We have started using Telegram to facilitate communication and retrievals. If you are a member and you wish to join the SSS group, please download the telegram app to your smartphone and send your phone number to one of the contacts on this website.

Happy flying.

What do you get in the in the Members Area?

  • Full sites guide & downloadable pdf version.
  • Access to the complete series of the excellent Biffa's Guides to XC flying in Snowdonia!
  • Access to the members only Telegram group.
  • Information about the club's XC coaching scheme.
  • Articles written by club members.