Right to roam

The "right to roam" in Wales is currently the same as in England and does not allow access to open access land for the purposes of hang-gliding or paragliding.

The legislation is enacted by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 and the section relevant to us is Schedule 2 on page 75:

1. Section 2(1) does not entitle a person to be on any land if, in or on that land, he—

(s) engages in any organised games, or in camping, hang-gliding or paragliding

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Gareth Aston
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Glyderau is a pretty fine launch site for exploring a couple of miles of the South facing slopes of the Glyderau.

Getting to take-off: 

From the Pen y Gwryd Hotel (SH 660 558) carry on the road towards Capel Curig for 200yds and park in the lay-by. Walk back along the road and go over the ladder just before the first house. Follow the path, over the stream, and keep going up the hill beside the stone wall. Follow this wall until it contours to the right, where there's a ladder. You are now at the lower take-off. If you want a higher take-off, go over the ladder and climb the path for ten minutes until you see a suitable heathery area on your right. This is the upper take-off. You can walk all the way up if you want, but finding good take-off spots is surprisingly difficult. It's also totally knackering.


Down by the lay-by, on either side of the road. Watch the little lake! And don't climb the fences.

  • Land in the fields North of Llyn Gwynant campsite.
  • Land south of the main road in the Ogwen Valley between Tryfan and Gallt yr Ogof.
  • Land North of the road between Plas y Brenin and Capel Curig.
  • Watch out for sea breezes mainly from the West.
  • Make sure you have plenty of height if going over the back.
  • Watch out for power lines in the valley towards Llyn Gwynant.
  • Watch out for valley skimming jets on weekdays if you go. over the back, because chances are they won’t see you!
  • Getting the heather out of your lines if you choose the top take off.

A big hill with lots of rocks…most hazards are obvious. It is worth noting that the ridge to the E of take off is flat topped generally grassy and broad. To the W of take off the top of the mountain is almost completely rock covered with irregular boulders. The extreme W of the ridge top is narrow and drops precipitously into Cwm Idwal.  When there is a dynamic soarable breeze low down (and especially in winter) it can be very windy over the top of the ridge.  On thermic days that start off light, Sea breeze coming up the Gwynant valley can make it windier down in the valley than over the ridge. Often Siabod gives some shelter to the valley in front of the  Glyder (where it is locally less windy than expected). Be aware that winds may be stronger outside of this zone if you go down wind.