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No Dogs. No ground handling above track. Please do not fly if sheep being moved. Don't fly the NW face between April and September and please do not leave wings laid out for long periods of time. We have agreed these measures with Graziers Association and NT.

This rounded grassy hill offers excellent soaring in NW & SW winds. Its NW face is about 1km long and 200m high. It is steep and grassy, with a good flattish top.

Getting to take-off: 

Drive up the lane (which becomes a track) that terminates at Bryn Hall (SH 634 694). Do not park past this place and do not drive up the track for any reason (eg for dropping gliders off). The old parking area above the quarry hole is no longer to be used. Walk up the track to where it ends at Bryn Hall and go through the gate, on your right, into the fields. Follow the rough track up onto the hill.


The landing site is basically anywhere at the bottom of the hill, but usually back down towards Bryn Hall.

  • Block tracks, paths or gateways.
  • Do not drive onto the track past the bends.