Sites update

Following the recent release from the BHPA on flying in Wales it now appears that there can be a limited return of flying in Wales, subject to conditions about staying local (approx. 5 miles from your home) and social distancing.
Please also note that you should not be travelling outside of your local area into Wales either. ie if you live in England or Scotland, stay there and don't come to Wales.

On this basis Snowdonia Sky Sports will be opening the following sites from Monday 1st June 2020 until further notice:

Please be aware that it is only these sites that are open and all other sites are still shut. We are continually liaising with the locals and landowners to open sites where possible, any problems with open sites or especially closed sites would jeopardise this fragile balance and quite easily put many flying sites at risk of closure for good. These are obviously sensitive times and we would like to thank all our members for being so patient and observing of the rules to date. We ask you to continue to do so by being courteous and understanding to other people and outdoor users. You should be local to the site you are going to fly and not traveling miles to get there, nor should you be crossing any country borders to fly.

Some other pertinent points from the BHPA are as follows:

  • Comply with any guidance from the local BHPA club, who you must contact before visiting any area with the intention of flying;
  • Be aware that Mountain Rescue cover may be limited or not currently available in some areas;
  • Try to minimise travel distances, and travel in a private vehicle only with members of your own household;
  • Maintain social distancing and don't share unsterilised equipment;
  • Be alert to the risks of touching locks and gates; use a suitable hand sanitiser before and after contact;
  • You may approach one other person from outside your household, but only if you maintain 2m distancing;
  • Other than this one person, you should maintain a significant separation from all other people (to avoid any suggestion of creating a gathering); [These distancing requirements do not apply in an emergency
  • Do not fly XC in Great Britain. ( England, Scotland or Wales )
  • Wash your hands before and after you go.
  • Be safe, and aware of the risks that your own lack of currency creates, and remember that you may be sharing the air with other pilots who are at least as rusty;
Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 18:47