Covid-19 Response from the Snowdonia Sky Sports Committee

Along with some other clubs and considering the escalating seriousness of the current Covid-19 Pandemic, requests from Mountain Rescue Teams, NT, advice from the Police, air ambulance and authorities, the Committee feels it is no longer appropriate to continue paragliding activities from our sites.
The reasons for this decision include:

• any additional stress on the health system and the emergency services currently would be irresponsible;
• paragliding is a highly visible activity and we are being urged to avoid all unnecessary travel and contact. Flying from and to anywhere and especially over housing would cause a very bad perception of our sport to the general public, authorities and landowners.

Despite paragliding being an appropriately socially-distant activity, the travelling, retrieving, fuelling, chatting and socialising are not, so to protect the future access to our sites we are closing all sites within our control with immediate effect, and urge all members and visitors to respect the spirit of this decision by putting away their equipment and avoiding the temptation to fly anywhere. Now might be a good time to repack your reserve or get your glider serviced!

We are in unprecedented times, one which requires us all to act responsibly and to help each other. To that end paragliding at such times would be a selfish activity that would not be adding to the greater good.

We will constantly monitor the situation – rest assured the committee contains some of the most active and regular fliers in the club, so we don’t want to stop flying for any longer than necessary. However, the alternative of having the activity officially banned may result in permanent loss of access. Please remember: flaunting this suspension could lose us (you) our sites. Please also draw attention to this to any of your mates who may not be members, no-one will distinguish between members and non-members.

Monday, March 23, 2020 - 15:12